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Yes, we do comprehensive bathroom installation and design. The original design, plumbing, heating, and all the finishing touches, including tiling, flooring, and storage options, are all things we can handle for your bathroom remodel. Contact us now to start designing your new bathroom!

There are a few obvious signs that signal a pipe leak, including: Higher water bills. Observable mildew and mould. Musty odour. Water damage to the ceiling and walls. Wet areas both inside and outside the house.

If your radiator is cold, the problem is typically a build-up of dirt, rust, sludge, or other material in the system that is obstructing water flow. We can evaluate your system and clear any problematic obstructions.

Only a lower temperature is needed to put on UFH, which softly heats everything in the room from the ground up. Radiators need to be turned on at higher temperatures and take longer to warm up a space. As a result, UFH is very effective since it heats a space with less energy and maintains a more constant temperature.

At least every ten years. Testing is necessary if for your own home. However, every five years, landlords of rental properties must have the electrics examined.

Flickering lights, tripped circuits, loose sockets, physical wire damage, and many other things are indications of bad wiring. If you have any worries, call right away.

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